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Ted & Superior

“Anyone interested in the rise of a family and one man’s goal of separating the State of Superior from Michigan will thoroughly enjoy this well-researched book.  Kudos to a great historian, fellow author and good friend.”

    Glen H. Carlson, author of The Murder of Andrew Sigler, and The Unfortunate Dr. Webster

“In the past the subject of politics in Upper Peninsula history has been all but ignored by writers.  Finally historian Bruce Cox brings us a well researched and written history of the life and times of Ted Albert from his Lebanese family origins to the politics of Yooper Separatism.”

    Dr. Russell Magnaghi,  Director,  Center  for  U.P. Studies, Northern Michigan University

Agogeebic Press is named for lake Gogebic, known in the 19th century as lake Agogeebic.  It is located on Sunday Lake street in Wakefield, in an historic old brick building built in 1911 to house the Citizens Bank of Wakefield.  The building appears on the top left corner of this page, and is the trademark of Agogeebic Press, Bruce K. Cox, proprietor.

The history of the Gogebic Iron Range, in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan and northern Wisconsin, is my field.  I began my research into Gogebic Range history in the early 1980s and published my first book in 1983.  Agogeebic Press was officially established in 2002 and moved into its present headquarters the following year.  I am a native of Wakefield and graduated from Wakefield High School in 1974.  In 1976 I graduated from Gogebic Community College with an Associate Degree in business.  In 2003 I graduated from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science Degree, major in history and minor in business administration.  I have over twenty-seven years experience in carrying out research in local libraries, archives and courthouses.

Agogeebic Press is dedicated to publishing books on local history, with special attention to the mining days.  To date I have written and published twenty-seven books on Gogebic Range history, all described in this website.

Besides historical research, I can carry out genealogical research, and provide advice on publishing to anybody who wishes to publish their own book.  If you are interested in having a book published, please contact me for more details.

All of these books are currently for sale to anybody who is interested, and special wholesale rates are available to dealers who provide their resale or sales tax numbers.