By Arthur Lupton

IronvilleWelcome to Ironville!  A photographic essay by Granny Lupton.

Family tradition claims Granny Lupton was a dour and unexcitable woman, and this quality may be seen in her portrait taken in 1903.  As if to make up for this lack of personal charisma she was endowed with a great passion for photography, and she photographed and interviewed almost everybody who lived in Ironville between 1886 and 1925—including the more unorthodox and peculiar characters of the town, many of whom were her relatives. This is why we proudly claim her as a pioneering photographic journalist.

All of the stories and captions in this book are comedic farces drawn entirely from my imagination, and are in no way intended to be considered as factual biographies or actual accounts of the person or persons who appear in the photographs. Ironville is an imaginary place and the people described herein are a literary invention inspired by old photographs.

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