By Bruce K. Cox

Oliver Book 5The fifth volume in a projected series that will present photographs and biographical sketches of men who worked for Oliver Iron Mining Company on the Gogebic Range between 1897 and 1955. Book Five of Oliver’s Iron Men begins with an illustrated historical account of underground mining operations at the Geneva mine, and describes several fatal accidents that took place in the mine in the 1940s and 1950s. It continues with biographical sketches of 94 men who worked for Oliver Iron Mining Company: Anderson, Andrews, Armatoski, Back, Barnecott, Barnes, Bates, Benzala, Bergland, Berlin, Bianchi, Boggetto, Brokenshire, Broskovetz, Brudzinski, Budi, Buinowski, Collins, Crowley, Dahl, Danowski, Dibble, Dooley, Dunn, Dunstan, Eddy, Edwards, Flink, Forsberg, Forte, Francis, Gierczak, Gimski, Grandelis, Harris, Hellen, Hooli, Hovey, Jenkin, Johnson, Jones, Juutilainen, Kellett, Kichak, Kilponen, King, Koivisto, Koski, Kovalski, Laine, Lantta, Larson, Leskinen, Lindberg, Lukach, Luczak, McKie, Martin, Matisin, Metsa, Michalski, Miklesh, Modzelewski, Moon, Murley, Niemi, Novacich, Nyman, Olson, Pehovic, Pencak, Penrose, Perlberg, Petroski, Piasecki, Powajba, Ranta, Rasmusson, Reyns, Richards, Rigoni, Rowe, Rundell, Rupnik, and Ruppe.

Published on 3 October 2009.

Oliver's Iron Men Series Biography Index

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