By J. L. Carey, Jr.

Turning PagesTurning pages is J L Carey Jr’s collection of existential poems, a rich and transcendental body of work which revolves around the mythological Japanese priest, Ajari-Joan.

“Legend states that the priest lived in a temple at the top of a mountain (Hakkotsu–San), but after entering the village at the base, fell in love with a beautiful young woman. Ajari-Joan broke his vows only to go insane. Cursed he wandered this mountain until, in his old age, he regained his wits, sat down and began to pray. As the priest died his bones continued to pray and it is said one can still hear his haunting chants today on Skeleton Mountain.”

J L Carey Jr is a writer and artist living in Michigan with his wife and three children. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from National University and a BA in English from the University of Michigan with a concentration in writing. He has had various stories and poems published in both print and online journals.

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- Tina Twito

- Heather Thomas

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