Miners, Agitators and Steel Magnates
on the Gogebic Iron Range
By Bruce K. Cox

From Boom to BustThis book will cover everything from the derivation of the word Gogebic to taxation controversies and the reasons for the closure of the iron mines in the 1960s. While earlier books have dealt with the mines themselves, this book will attempt to tell the story of the owners and miners. Part 1 covers early social conditions, and the struggle to form unions is a major feature of this history. It tells how the Ayer brothers of Massachusetts, prominent patent-medicine producers, became involved in what later became the Keweenaw Land Association, owners of the mineral rights to many of the mines. What kind of people worked in the mines, what was it like working in a mine, and what happened to some of the men, are a few of the questions this book will attempt to answer. Labor violence of the late 19th century and early strikes are covered. The Knights of Labor, Miners’ Progressive Union, A. F. L. strike of 1894, and Western Federation of Miners. Part 2 covers the steel magnates, including Elbert Gary; the Industrial Workers of the World strike of 1917; the “Golden Era” of mining in the 1920s, and the Great Depression of the 1930s. The last chapters deal with the rise of the United Steelworkers Union, subsequent strikes, and closing of the mines. Everything in the book is documented in endnotes as completely as possible. It will include thirty-five chapters, table of contents, illustrations, and complete index.

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