How Two Irishmen and a Yankee Started the Gogebic Iron Range

By Bruce K. Cox

Iron FeverThe story of the discovery of iron ore atop Colby Hill in Bessemer, Michigan, and the men who were involved in the early development of the mines: trapper, prospector and woodsman Richard Langford, mining captain Nathaniel D. Moore, and the speculator/businessman, John E. Burton.

This book begins with an account of the discovery of iron in Gogebic county, and is followed by a historiography of the discovery of iron ore on Colby Hill, and the erection of an historical marker by the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1940. All of this is followed by biographies of Langford, Moore and Burton, and concludes with an account of the brief rise and fall of the Bessemer Consolidated Iron Company. By the mid-1880s an iron boom was on, but in the end, none of these men made money from the Gogebic Range iron mines. This book is footnoted, illustrated and indexed. Tentatively scheduled for publication in the fall of 2005.

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