By Bruce K. Cox

US AmericansA history of the lumberjack strike of 1937, which took place from 18 May through 29 August of that year. It began at the Bonifas Lumber Company Camp No. 2 and spread as far east as Newberry, with as many as 6,000 lumberjacks on strike by early June. This book includes 54 photographs, three of which were taken during the strike. This turned out to be a major event in the history of Gogebic county. The strike turned violent after lumberjacks stoned logging trucks a few times and dumped loads of logs in peoples' yards. It led to a "battle" in Marenisco on 30 June in which lumberjacks and citizens were chased, beaten and tear-gassed around the town. A truck was commandeered and loaded with forty-six men, who were taken to the Michigan State Police post in Wakefield and locked up for several days. That same evening vigilantes kidnapped and assaulted three of the union leaders in Ironwood and dropped them off across the state line in Saxon, Wisconsin. Other groups of vigilantes armed with pick and axe handles attacked lumberjacks staying in the Finnish halls in Bessemer and Ironwood later that night. The following day police stopped a car near lake Gogebic. Three Finnish-American men later presented their testimony of being beaten and forced to wade out into the lake to wash the blood from their clothes. The strike was put down and the union eventually settled at the end of August 1937. This book includes original testimony from 1937, newspaper reports and accounts by witnesses and participants who were interviewed by the author. Includes footnotes. Appendixes at the end of the book include a list of people who were involved in the strike. There is a complete name and subject index. Anybody interested in the history of this region, the Great Depression or labor history should have this book.

First printed in 2002.

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