By Bruce K. Cox

Mining FatalitiesThis is a chronological history of the mining fatalities that occurred in Gogebic county, Michigan, from 1885 to 1963. It begins with several pages of underground iron mine scenes, then lists the names of about 900 men who died in mining accidents. For each entry, the man's name, age, place of birth, name of the mine and description of the accident, marital status, and sources are given.

Every year since the county was established in 1887, an elected Inspector of Mines prepared an annual report on mining activity and accidents. Hundreds of copies were printed up each year, but copies for many years have been lost or misplaced. Some of these annual reports used to be on file at the Gogebic county courthouse, but in the 1980s they were sent to the Copper Country Archives at Michigan Technological University in Houghton. There are many gaps in the series between 1887 and the 1960s.

Many of the fatalities listed in this compilation are derived from death records at the Gogebic county courthouse. Sometimes the information given on the death certificate is scanty, but it usually gives the occupation as "miner" and cause of death as "Killed in Mine". There are a few that are somewhat ambiguous, and I have marked them with question marks in front of the Death Liber and page number.

This compilation may be the only readily available record of many of these mining fatalities. A complete full name index is included at the back of the book. First published in 1988. This is the 4th edition.

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